Why blog?

I have considered blogging for a few months now and decided not to since I don’t have anything terribly interesting about me – no health concerns, relatively normal children, regular job, no remarkable hobbies, etc.  Then I began a simple journal to my children.  I wrote a few lines each evening at bedtime to help them (and me) remember who they are these days.  We have four so I have to write things down to remember them as I should.  Then, as a working mother I am always overwhelmed by limited time and a need to cosolidate resources.  AH HA!  A blog would record both memories and pictures with relative ease in a short amount of time.  Plus, my mom and family could keep up with us at the same time!  So… when I don’t have a 3 year old on my lap, I’ll type a note for the family!



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2 responses to “Why blog?

  1. Michele Peters

    Wonderful! I am so excited to see your humor in writing! And I had no idea your children start driving so young!

  2. Bob

    Yep! That’s the main reason that we do it, too. Plus it doesn’t hurt that all of us love to read each other’s blogs too, right?


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